Visitor Management Software that replaces your visitor book and pen with ACTvisitor, a sophisticated online visitor management system which updates in real-time. It can be used across time zones, locations and devices, and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.

Self-Check In

Using ACTvisitor’s self-check in system, you can manage your visitors without taking up your reception staff’s time. The self-check in touchscreen service allows visitors to confirm their details, agree to your conditions, and informs their host that they have arrived.


First Impressions Count

With your Health and Safety or other notices sent to every visitor via customised emails before they come on-site, and text message reminders of upcoming visits, ACTvisitor ensure you comply with the highest safety standards, alongside a professional look and feel.


Access from Anywhere, on Any Web-Device

Responsively designed and based online, the ACTvisitor system can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, and on any device with a web-browser. Meaning whether you’re on your laptop in the office, or on your phone in the park, ACTvisitor is available to you.

Fire List

In case of emergency, ACTvisitor allows you to access a list of all the visitors you currently have on site. Our responsive design also means you can now use any device to generate a fire list and safely check people off to ensure you have accounted for everyone on your premises.

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" ACTvisitor has helped create a professional reception area while making the management of visitor’s more efficient"

Mark Rock ARUP