ACTvisitor first choice for Arup

ACTvisitor first choice for Arup

Arup is a world leading firm of designers, engineers and consultants with 11,000 employees  and 90 offices in 38 countries worldwide. Arup is responsible for some of the most notable projects undertaken globally including the Canton Tower, China, Sydney Opera House , Australia, Highspeed Rail – London and Terminal 2 – Dublin.

Arup is using ACTvisitor in their Irish headquarters in Dublin to manage their visitors. With an extremely busy reception area and a lot of high profile visitors, an effective visitor management solution is essential.

A number of key personnel within Arup use the ACTvisitor staff portal to book visitors for the following day, week or month. Each morning, the receptionist prints off the visitor cards for the visitors booked in for that day. These visitor cards are branded with the Arup logo and colours on the front of the card and include their Health and Safety regulations on the back. The Evolis Tattoo RW printer technology allows the Arup receptionist to reprint each branded card up to 500 times. The logo and company colours remain while the variable visitor information is wiped clean and reprinted each time.

On arrival into the reception area, the visitor is handed their visitor pass and the receptionist checks them in – ACTvisitor automatically sends the host an email to notify them of their visitor’s arrival. This dramatically reduces the time spent waiting in the reception area as the receptionist no longer has to call around searching for the visitor’s host.

ACTvisitor also looks after Arup’s visitor muster report ensuring the safety of their visitors in the case of emergency.

“ACTvisitor has helped create a professional reception area while making the management of visitor’s more efficient” – Mark Rock, Facilities Manager Arup Dublin


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" ACTvisitor has helped create a professional reception area while making the management of visitor’s more efficient"

Mark Rock ARUP

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