Remembering Groups

Remembering Groups

With your feedback and ideas, we've been able to continue improving our ACTvisitor product every week.

In the past number of weeks, you may have seen many small changes to the interface and your experience of the product - but we'll soon be releasing a feautre that's been requested of us quite regularly - the ability for ACTvisitor to store a group of visitors you have booked for easy rebooking. 


Whilst the ACTvisitor system intelligently remembers and suggests past visitors already, one drawback people found was that when booking a visit for a group of guests, these are often the same groups, and requires you to write out the members of the group at the time of each booking. The new group-memory feature will give you the same flexibility as rebooking a single visitor, but with an entire group.

This feature will be coming live in the coming weeks, and as always, any suggestions or feedback you have are very welcome. Just drop us an email on

" ACTvisitor has helped create a professional reception area while making the management of visitor’s more efficient"

Mark Rock ARUP

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