Securely Connected - The Year of the Cloud

Securely Connected - The Year of the Cloud

Last year, smart locks, heating control, and even smart lights crashed onto the domestic scene. With all of these devices designed to make our homes smarter, they had two elements in common; cloud connectivity and integration with mobile devices.

It seems as though 2014 will be a large year for cloud-based services in business (Software as a Service). Whilst companies have moved to online services for things like email, accounting and more, there’s been little desire to move control of physical items, such as security on to the cloud.

This seems to have arisen from two areas, firstly, it just wasn’t easy or integrated enough. Secondly, security managers and others just didn’t trust the cloud. With the ease of use and installation of many of the latest applications and hardware to the cloud, the first reason is quickly diminishing. Arguments against the security or safety of the cloud are also starting to fall apart when we look at the amount of banks with a full range of online services. If you trust the cloud with your money, then surely these applications are becoming secure enough for your access control and security cameras.

Businesses in Europe and the UK are usually a few years behind the USA when it comes to advances in technology being used in every day life, but this gap has been shrinking year on year. The UK and Irish governments are both looking towards moving some services to the cloud, and as ‘last adopters’, if your company is behind the government in tech, something’s wrong!

An integrated, easy to use platform for access control and video management is the focus of ACT and Sicura in 2014, and we feel business owners, schools, security installers and many more will be joining us on the journey.

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Mark Rock ARUP

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