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How to add a Photo to a Visitor Badge

Click on the visitor console button this is the second icon in from the left that looks like a group of people

Double click on the scheduled visitor

The visitor will now move across into the “Schedule Visitor” window

Click on the small camera icon in the bottom right hand corner of the visitor badge

A warning message may appear. If so, click on the button allow.

The webcam will now be activated

When satisfied with the photo click capture and save.

The photo of the visitor will now be saved.

How to Install the Barcode Reader App

Click on the second icon in from the right – the down arrow

Click on the appropriate visitor barcode reader option depending on whether you have a windows or a mac operating system

If a warning message appears – choose keep.

You should see the folder downloading in the bottom left hand corner of your screen

Once downloaded click on the folder

A security warning may appear. If so Click “Run”

An application install window will appear. Choose “Continue”

The installation of the app will begin.

A login window will appear

Type in your username and password

Copy the address of where the java file is stored on your machine and paste it in the box entitled: Java Path

On Windows 7 operating systems do the following:

My Computer
C Drive
Program Files (x86)
Copy address as text

Paste into java path box

Type \java.exe after the pasted path

Click Save

Your visitor barcode app has now been installed. You can now use any barcode reader to check in or out your visitors. This will save you time in a busy reception.

How to Check Out a Visitor

Click on the visitor console button, the second button in from the left that looks like a group of people

Open the onsite tab in the visitor console screen

Double click on the visitor that you wish to check out

This will bring the visitor into the “schedule visitor” screen on the right.

Click on the “Check Out” button

The visitor will then be checked out and the visitors details including their check out date and time will move into the “checked out date/time” tab below

The visitor has now been checked out and the visit details can be reviewed at any time using the visitor history function.

How to Schedule a Visitor

Click on the schedule visitor button which is the third button in from the left – the person with the addition sign.

Then you fill in the “Schedule Visitor” window on the right.

Choose the title & fill in the remaining details of your visitor

The card number field is used to populate the card number that will be allocated to the visitor. This can be done at the prepare badge/check in stage.

Then choose the type of visitor they are.

Choose the host – this is who the visitor is going to be meeting.

If there is more than one location, choose which building and which room they are going to visit. So you can use the same software across as many locations as you would like.

We can then pick the day they are coming to the meeting and the time.

You then press the schedule button down on the bottom right of the screen.

The visit has now been scheduled.

How to Check In a Visitor

First of all we click on the visitor console button which is the icon second in from the left that looks like a group of people

Open the Scheduled visitors tab and find the visitor you would like to check in

Double click on the visitor

This will bring the visitor onto the schedule visitor screen on the right.

At this stage a visitor card number should be allocated to the visitor if necessary.

You now have three options, you can;
Prepare Badge: This will print the visitor badge in preparation for the visitors arrival. This will help avoid delays in a busy reception. When the visitors badge has been prepared, the visitors name will drop down into the “Badge Prepared” tab shown here.

Secondly, Check In – Print Badge: This will check the visitor in and print the visitor badge simultaneously. This is to be used when a badge has not been prepared for the visitor ahead of the visitors arrival or when a photograph of the visitor is needed prior to printing the badge.

And Finally, Check In: This will simply check the visitor in immediately. It is to be used when the visitor badge has been prepared or when the receptionist does not wish to issue a visitor badge.

When the visitor is checked in the visitors name will drop down into the “on site” tab.

The visitor is now checked in.

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Do I have to buy a copy of ACTontime for each of my offices?

No. ACTontime easily expands to include multiple offices and locations. The only thing you'll have to pay for is any additional terminals you may want to use to gather time and attendance data for your system.

How is ACTontime charged?

The fee for ACTontime is calculated each month by the number of employees active on the system, so you're only ever paying for what you need.

How do I ensure I have the latest version of ACTontime?

As our software is based on the cloud, you'll always automatically be running the latest version of ACTontime.

Does ACTontime integrate with my payroll software?

We're integrated with some of the top payroll companies in use today, and we're adding more every month. To see if your system is integrated, please contact us today.

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