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Frequently Asked Questions


How to View the Visitor History Log

Click on the magnifying glass button

The visitor history window will appear

This window contains the details of the visitor and their visit for all visitors that have checked in

You can scroll down through the list of visitors


You can use the search function

Simply type in the details of the visitor you are searching for and press the filter button

All relevant search results will appear

You can print the visitor history details or export them to excel

Double click on the visitor you wish to see further details for.

How to Print the Fire and Evacuation List

Click on the fire and evacuation icon on the top left of the screen that looks like a siren

You will then be able to choose which sites and which locations you wish to generate a fire list for

Click “Yes” when asked to print the fire list. This will generate a pdf of the complete fire list

Select printer and click print

The fire and evacuation list will now be printed

Why can't I edit a visitors details after I print their badge?

Once you've printed the badge, the system won't allow you to edit the visitors details, this is to ensure there isn't a badge created with details that don't match a visit in the system. This is especially important for security reasons, where a badge would then not match an entry on the system if checked by security.

How to Add new Hosts

Click on the staff management icon, this is the icon that looks like a building

The staff management window will appear

In this window you can search for hosts using the filter options


You can add new hosts by filling in the hosts details at the bottom of the window here

Tick the appropriate box in order to give the host access rights depending on whether the host is a “reception user” or an “administrator”.

Be advised not to give administrator rights to the new host unless they should have full access to ACT cloud visitor software.

A reception user will not have access to “Visitor History”, “Staff Management” or settings screen options. They will only be allowed to schedule, prepare visitor badges, check in and check out visitors.

Click the add button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

The new host has now been added.

How to Check Out a Visitor

Click on the visitor console button, the second button in from the left that looks like a group of people

Open the onsite tab in the visitor console screen

Double click on the visitor that you wish to check out

This will bring the visitor into the “schedule visitor” screen on the right.

Click on the “Check Out” button

The visitor will then be checked out and the visitors details including their check out date and time will move into the “checked out date/time” tab below

The visitor has now been checked out and the visit details can be reviewed at any time using the visitor history function.

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Does ACTontime integrate with my payroll software?

We're integrated with some of the top payroll companies in use today, and we're adding more every month. To see if your system is integrated, please contact us today.

How is ACTontime charged?

The fee for ACTontime is calculated each month by the number of employees active on the system, so you're only ever paying for what you need.

How do I ensure I have the latest version of ACTontime?

As our software is based on the cloud, you'll always automatically be running the latest version of ACTontime.

Do I have to buy a copy of ACTontime for each of my offices?

No. ACTontime easily expands to include multiple offices and locations. The only thing you'll have to pay for is any additional terminals you may want to use to gather time and attendance data for your system.

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