Time and Attendance Systems

Manage your employee’s time and attendance information using multiple clocking methods, on any device, from anywhere in the world, using the ACTontime solution

Time & Attendance System - ACTontime application.

Access Anywhere

Access from anywhere

Integration with Payroll systems

Record clock-ins from mobile, desktop, terminals and biometrics

Automated Scheduling

Automated Scheduling of rosters

Automatic Reports

Real Time and Automatic Reports

Always up to date

Automatic Updates

Automatic Time & Attendance Accruals

ACTontime time and attendance systems will use your employees clocking data and payroll policy to calculate their accrued annual leave. With employee self-service allowing your employees to view their earned hours and apply for leave, you can remove all of this time and attendance paperwork away from the HR department. An employee can even see what leave they will be entitled to at the time of the leave they are applying for.

Multiple Clocking methods

ACTontime allows you to use four separate clocking methods, or any combination. You can use our specially made clocking-in terminal which can use access or ID cards, or biometric fingerprint scanning. The employee can clock in from their phone or mobile device whilst on the move. The system will also record your employees location, so you can be sure they are where they’re meant to be. Your employee can clock in online, which you can restrict by IP address to ensure they’re in your offices for example. Finally, you can integrate your existing ACT access control system with ACTontime time and attendance systems.

Time & Attendance Systems Payroll  Integration

ACTontime is already integrated with payroll systems from around the world. You can also easily export your data in excel or CSV format to easily be imported into any program. With ACTontime’s payroll policies, the heavy lifting will already be complete, ensuring the most accurate payroll possible, saving you money.

Employee self service

Allow your employees to perform some HR tasks themselves, freeing up your HR staff to continue with their work. Using our time and attendance system, employee can clock-in, clock-out, transfer jobs, view their upcoming roster,  apply for annual leave, enter expenses and more

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