Workforce Management Solutions

Manage your workforce with live information from anywhere in the world. Focus on productivity and solve problems before they arise with ACTontime.

Workforce Management Solutions

Access Anywhere

Access from anywhere

Integration with Payroll systems

Record clock-ins from mobile, desktop, terminals and biometrics

Automated Scheduling

Automated Scheduling of rosters

Automatic Reports

Real Time and Automatic Reports

Always up to date

Automatic Updates

Workforce Management Budget Saving

Live information about your workforce management allows you to react to issues, even before they arise. With customisable alerts allowing you to ensure you’re kept up to date with the information that’s important to you, making workforce management easy!

HR records

ACTontime workforce management solutions robust HR records allow you to centralize your HR records with your payroll policy, rostering and time & attendance information.  You can insert custom fields for your employees to ensure you always have the workforce management information about your employees that is most important to your business.

Payroll Policies

Robust, customisable payroll policies mean that once ACTontime workforce management solutions are set up, they will automatically take the pain out of running your payroll. With expenses, multiple policies, department transfers and overtime all completely customisable, ACTontime will be sure to meet the needs of your payroll and finance department.


Easily drag-and-drop your rosters for employees and departments. Using your payroll and rostering policies, our workforce management solutions will do the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to create your roster faster than ever.  With access to line managers and employees through ACTontime, your employees can see their rosters as you create them.


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